Window Blinds

Casting a timeless classic style on the interior and exterior of your living or working space for the last 5 years, Ecoshield Window Blinds opens your eyes to the vista of our blinds.

Ecoshield Window Blinds

As the principal dealer of industrial giants LIVIN, MARVEL Blinds, Louverline, and AD Blinds, we synchronize with the moving trends in blinds production and installation. We initiate innovative features, shades, colors, and durability in the creation of blinds and their motorization, to provide customers with vivacity and quality. In addition, our blinds and installation comply with green construction and its reduction in emission standards. Durability, trendy shades, perfect installation, and easy maintenance and cleaning are considered core aspects by us, in the making of blinds. From a single blind to thousands, needed for multi-storey commercial complexes, malls, and hospitals, Ecoshield Window Blinds is committed to delivering hallmarked wraps, without hampering the client’s budget.

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Roller Blinds

We light up any space with mesmerizing color, design, and texture of Roller Blinds and create a breathtaking ambiance. Controlling natural light, hatching instant blackout, and easiness in operation are the chief features of Roller Blinds. These blinds are best when used to cover windows.

Roman Blinds

Ecoshield recreates the conventional Roman blinds which are stitched together by using PVC rods and powder-coated channels, that inhibit light and resist rust. Delivering a soft layered effect, the fold-by-fold raising property escalates the aesthetics of the space.

Zebra Blinds (Luzon Blinds)

Zebra blinds (Luzon Blinds) combine two layers of visible-translucent or visible dim-out horizontal striped fabric to strike a contemporary feel. They control light in an astonishing way and guard privacy, day and night.

Skylight Blinds

Skylight blinds are like adding a skylight to make the room brighter and more spacious. The types of skylight blinds, we deal with are

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Chosen from a stupendous collection of NaturalBass wood and. Faux Metallic series, wooden blinds create a timeless style and elegance in your interiors. Apart from this being highly durable, they can easily handle heat and humidity, without fading or distortion…

Colby Blinds

Colby blinds are perfectly fitted for any window type. Colby windows regulate room temperature, without tampering the style. Moreover, they’re versatile, stylish, and energy efficient.

Grayson (Collinear Blinds)

Grayson blinds are stylish blinds that transform the harshest sunlight to beautiful ambient natural light. It’s the perfect amalgam of Roller and Venetian blinds, which assures privacy, at the same time offering an outside view.
It allows more natural daylight by diffusing evenly, throughout the room, while filtering out brightness, glare, and UV rays. They are created with beautiful fabric with trendy colors, having a unique feel with a choice of silk looks and subtle linens.

Sierra (Smart Curtain)

We can offer a wide white range of printed blinds, that will enhance any room with their design, color, and texture, giving the appearance of a royal palace or a fairy tale with the white selection of roller blinds, that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Panel Blinds

Perfectly fitting to both large and small window spaces panel blinds stack completely to offer the maximum view and display rich fabric color and texture. It adds a difference to the interior and is a perfect choice for room dividers. Panel blinds offer a stunning range of collections with fabric options of visible translucent and blackout properties, design options such as plain, pattern, print, and a variety of textures and versatile color options.

Monsoon Blinds

Monsoon blinds aesthetically uplift the decor of balconies, beach resorts, garden restaurants, rooftop cafeterias, etc., by fitting perfectly and ensuring visibility. They give awesome protection from monsoons, wild winds and their pressure, and torrential rains, without inhibiting external view.

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