Balcony privacy screen in Kochi

Balcony Privacy Screen in Kochi

Ecoshield, the unrivaled dealer in interior decor wraps like Mosquito nets, Blinds, curtains, Wallpapers, etc creates and displays heterogeneous varieties of balcony screens which enhance the aesthetics of the interiors and affirm UV protection, perfect privacy, pest and dust control, and outward visibility. Created by avante garde Sun control fabrics and high-durable accessories, our Balcony privacy screen in Kochi block heat and UV rays. Excellent outward visibility is guaranteed along with daytime privacy by the effective operation of opaque from the outside and translucent from the inside quality of screens.

Ecoshield: Balcony Screen in Kochi

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Why Ecoshield Balcony Screens?

Apart from offering privacy and blockage of dust and pests, our screens keep dry, during heavy showers. Our balcony screens are high-definition balcony screens created with highly durable materials meeting global standards. They can be operated either manually or by using motorized gadgets. Apart from the quality of the screens, innovative and technically brilliant installations are offered by our highly skilled technicians.

Balcozy Screens

Ecoshield is the pioneer dealer of PHIFER balcony screens, Balcozy that club the features of balcony screens and blinds. Dealing with innovative and aesthetically brilliant balcony screens and blinds for the last 5 years, the Balcozy is available in beautiful shades adding artistic charm to your interiors, and operated with highly durable accessories. They control the natural light, guarantee privacy and guard you against dust, pests, and insects.

UV ray protection

Rain Resistant

Dust Control

Clear outward visibility

Protection from pests, insects, and birds.

Complete Privacy

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Balcony Privacy Screen

The most innovative balcony private screens are manufactured and distributed by Ecoshield, the renowned Balcony Screen, Mosquito Net, Window Blinds, and Curtains provider in Kerala. The classic balcony screen, made of sun-control fabrics controls 80% of  UV rays and ensures protection. It also safeguards the inmates from dust, pests, and insects.

Balcony Screens Near Me

The authentic and high-definition balcony screens are delivered by the distinguished balcony screen dealers, Ecoshield. Adding aesthetics to the charm of balconies, these are made up of highly durable materials which can either be controlled manually or by motorized gadgets. Our balcony screens give optimum protection from UV rays and rain and from dust, insects, and pests. They give cozy privacy and excellent outward visibility.

Mosquito net Kottayam

The name Ecoshield is synonymous with balcony screens and mosquito nets. As the prime dealer of the world’s largest mosquito nets manufacturer, PHIFER, Ecoshield installs highly durable mosquito nets which give complete protection from mosquitoes, pests, etc. Suiting any type of windows and doors, they add aesthetic spice to the interior decor. 
Our balcony screens also give protection from pests, insects, and dust apart from giving protection from heat and UV rays. Giving the best outward visibility and innate coziness, Ecoshield redefines interior plushness along with safety.

Mosquito Net Fixing Near Me

Referring to mosquito net fixing near me must only lead to Ecoshield because our products and our installation are matchless. Ecoshield, the best Balcony Screens in Kottayam offers the high-definition mosquito nets of PHIFER, the world’s largest mosquito net company, which give perfect protection from mosquitoes, pests, and insects. Technically brilliant technicians install these nets with picture-finish precision to your windows and doors. 


Ecoshield is the pioneer in introducing Balcozy in Kerala, which was till then an alien concept. Known as the prolific dealer of mosquito nets, curtains blinds, and balcony screens, Ecoshield clubbed the concepts of balcony screens and blinds. The Balcony Blinds are available in stupendous shades, and colors and use highly durable materials, controlling natural light and safeguarding from dust, pests, and insects. Balcozy adds aesthetic vivacity to its brim.

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