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High-quality Mosquito Nets in Thiruvalla

Ecoshield Mosquito Net Dealer in Thiruvalla is an illustrious business concern that offers unparalleled services in enhancing the interior decor of our living and business spaces through the manufacturing and distribution of balcony screens, window blinds, curtains, etc. Apart from these, Ecoshield stands out among its rival companies as the most prolific mosquito nets provider in our state.

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Ecoshield: The Top Mosquito Net Dealers in Thiruvalla

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Why Ecoshield Mosquito Screens?

Ecoshield Mosquito Net Dealer in Thiruvalla imbibed this legacy by being the pioneer dealer of PHIFER, the greatest mosquito nets manufacturer in the world. It is our initiative to sell the most customized and high-definition nets which can boast of the utmost protection from mosquitoes, insects, and pests. They can even resist the undue entry of dust and even bacteria.

The salient features of Ecoshield mosquito nets are extremely brilliant outward visibility and supreme airflow. High-grade Aluminum handles, hinges and frames, artistically curated and easy operative fitments, and high protection weather strips make our mosquito nets distinctive and celebrated. Another important aspect of Ecoshield is the perfect installation work endowed by our highly skilled technicians. Our mosquito nets are easy to maintain, but still, we offer free after-sale support for our valuable customers.

Types of Mosquito Screens


Fiberglass Screens

Ecoshield designs and delivers three distinct high-quality and highly durable Fiberglass screens:

  • BetterVue
  • Elite Screen®
  • Solar Screens.

Metal Screens

Ecoshield categorizes metal screens into four types, based on characteristics and performance.

  • Aluminum Insect screens
  • SeeVue stainless steel
  • ssVue stainless steel
  • Bronze Screen

Polyester Screens

 Puncture resistance, durability, and beauty invoke us to create three highly sought after Polyester screens like

  • Pet Screens
  • Tuff Screens
  • Pleated Screens


We offer 14 types of aesthetically charged, highly durable, and long-lasting fitments for windows, doors, and balconies.

Types of Window Fitment


Classic Window Fit

Ace Window Fit

Glossy Roll Fit

Glide Fit

Trim Glide Fit

Velcro Fit

Magnet Fit

Crease Fit Ditto Single


Ace Door Fit

Crease Fit Ditto Double

Crease Fit Ditto Single

Crease Fit Caterpillar

Barrier Free Double

Classic Door Fit

Barrier Free Single


Trim Glide Fit

Glide Fit

Crease Fit Ditto Double


Barrier Free Double

Crease Fit Ditto Single

Call us for a free demonstration

‘Seeing is believing’. To demonstrate the metamorphosis happening to your interior and exterior, call us for a free trial and demo.

FAQs for mosquito screen installation in Thiruvalla

What types of mosquito screens are available?

Types of mosquito screens are:

  • Fiberglass Screens
  • Metal Screens
  • Polyester Screens

Can I get custom-fit Mosquito Nets in Thiruvalla?

Of course, Ecoshield, the foremost Mosquito Net Dealer in Thiruvalla offers customized mosquito nets which fit into any type of window and door, driving away mosquitoes, insects, and pests.

How do I choose the right mosquito net for my home in Thiruvalla?

You can give a ring to Ecoshield, the pioneer mosquito nets provide in Thiruvalla and the technician will arrive at your place for a detailed discussion of your requirements. He will take into consideration the size and type of windows and doors, and give his opinion about the intensity of protection you need and the choice of material. On the basis of this interaction, he will perform a free demo and finally go for installation without hampering your budget.

Are Ecoshield mosquito nets durable?

The mosquito nets supplied by Ecoshield are highly durable and their frames, hinges, and handles are made of high-quality Aluminium for smooth and effortless operation. Our nets are produced by PHIFER, the world’s number one mosquito manufacturer, with stringent quality control.

Do mosquito nets provide adequate airflow?

Superior airflow is assured by using the mosquito nets supplied by Ecoshield, the vibrant mosquito nets provider in Thiruvalla. This undaunted airflow resists harmful odors and emissions and even evades the attacks of bacteria and fungi.

Are the screens in mosquito nets lead-free and flame-retardant?

Safety and environmental compliance are considered supreme parameters by Ecoshield, the greatest mosquito net designer in Thiruvalla. This is why we are using lead-free and flame-retardant mosquito nets 

Can I get after-sales service from Mosquito Net Dealers in Thiruvalla?

Very much. The after-sales service of Ecoshield is one genuine reason, that fetches related and referral customers. We will be in touch with our clients after the sales to endow them with perfect maintenance services.


Can I install the mosquito net or do I need a professional?

Ecoshield, the mosquito nets experts in Thiruvalla, always vouch for the professional installation of mosquito nets in your home because they have the expertise of customized installation taking all aspects like materials, the measurement of doors and windows, the durability of materials, and the after-sales service into consideration. Moreover, the technicians of Ecoshield are pre-trained in installation on any space, by PHIFER, the supreme mosquito nets manufacturer in the world.
It depends on the type of mosquito net and your level of expertise. Some companies offer installation services or have installation guides available.

Why Ecoshield is the Best Mosquito Net brand in Thiruvalla Kerala?

Ecoshield, the best Mosquito Net Dealers in Thiruvalla, sets the yardstick in armoring your home with high-definition mosquito nets which endow you with ultimate protection and a transparent view. We provide your home with a highly durable, elegant and customized, and multifarious variety of mosquito nets like:

  • Mosquito Net for Balcony
  • Mosquito Net for Patios
  • Mosquito Net for a Pergola
  • Mosquito Net for the Courtyard
  • Mosquito Net for Partitions, etc.


Premium Quality Mosquito Net in Thiruvalla

We use Lead-Free Screens to safeguard your kids and Mother Earth.

Different color options to suit your home decor.

High durability and long lasting

Mosquito Net Dealers in Ernakulam

Customized and perfect fitting solutions to comply with different types of windows and doors.

High clarity visibility and superior airflow.

High-grade Aluminium made frames, hinges, and handles provide smooth and effortless operation

Mosquito Net Dealers in Kollam

Top-notch after-sales service and customer satisfaction

Dedicated and Skillful team helps to select the right screen and fitment.

Spicing the decor with aesthetically crafted fitments.

Amble Sunlight and excellent airflow cut the electricity bill.

Pet-friendly Mosquito Screens

Complete protection from bacteria and fungi.